When you’re keeping track of goals, it can be hard to remember the important information about the athletes that changed the world of soccer as you knew it. Plus, there’s always new players entering into the professional soccer league that are changing soccer history. Read on to learn about some of the most influential soccer players of all time.


George Best Bio

George Best was one of the most gifted forwards to grace the game of soccer. Quick, two-footed, and blessed with incredible balance, Best left defenders in his wake. He was also strong. Best played in the days when, putting it politely, defenders were allowed to tackle with a little more freedom. George Best rode the …

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Erling Haaland Bio

Erling Haaland Bio

Erling Haaland is regarded as one of the best young talents in world football.  At the age of 22, he has already broken so many records for being the youngest and fastest player to reach certain goal-scoring milestones.  Now, after signing for Premier League champions Manchester City, the world is waiting to see what he …

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david alaba bio

David Alaba Bio

As a resident of the UK, an Arsenal fan, and a certified Premier League die-hard, I have an unshakable adoration for the English top-flight, and if anyone were to tell me that another league is as competitive, has a higher standard of players, or a better pool of teams, I would happily tell them all …

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Keylor Navas Bio

Keylor Navas Bio

There are some players within the world of football that represent a moment in time for one reason or another. It may be because they lit up a particular tournament, had an incredible season, burst on the scene out of nowhere, or it may be the result of some personal nostalgia. There are a lot …

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Lionel Messi Bio

Lionel Messi Bio

Leo Messi is a football icon. He is one of the prominent stars of Barcelona FC, Argentina, and arguably the sport itself.  But what is the story behind this global superstar? Undoubtedly, Leo has given much to talk about his achievements as a footballer and his personal life. In this Lionel Messi Bio, we will …

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diego simeone bio

Diego Simeone Bio: Understanding Atletico’s Revolutionary Manager

Diego Simeone is a retired international football player and the manager of Spanish La Liga side Atletico Madrid. Simeone was a tenacious and gifted midfielder who made over 100 appearances for his country, Argentina. Following a successful playing career in Argentina, Spain, and Italy, Simeone turned to coach and has been the manager of Atletico …

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Jordan Spence Bio: An England Soccer Starlet Turned Entertainer

Jordan Spence is an English football player who most recently played on the Eredivisie for ADO Den Haag. Spence is primarily a right-back, but he can also play as a center-back. At various young levels, he has represented and captained different England teams. He has played for West Ham United, Leyton Orient, Scunthorpe United, Bristol …

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