Callum Marshall

Cal is an experienced content writer and sports fan from Ireland, with experience as an editor-in-chief, script-writer, and game tester. He loves various sports, from wrestling to football (soccer). Combining his passion for sport and experience as a writer and editor, Cal creates engaging but informative bios about his and your favorite sports stars!

Paddy Pimblett Bio

Within the world of sport, there are certain characters that define eras, and bring new eyes to a sport that would have previously been uninterested. Whether that’s through their natural charisma, their insane ability that is clear to see even for complete novices to the sport, or through their hometown spirit that sees a huge

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david alaba bio

David Alaba Bio

As a resident of the UK, an Arsenal fan, and a certified Premier League die-hard, I have an unshakable adoration for the English top-flight, and if anyone were to tell me that another league is as competitive, has a higher standard of players, or a better pool of teams, I would happily tell them all

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Keylor Navas Bio

Keylor Navas Bio

There are some players within the world of football that represent a moment in time for one reason or another. It may be because they lit up a particular tournament, had an incredible season, burst on the scene out of nowhere, or it may be the result of some personal nostalgia. There are a lot

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Stefan Janoski Bio

Stefan Janoski Bio

Within the world of sport, there is usually a huge focus on achieving every single individual and team accolade possible on your ascent to the top. However, for cult heroes and mavericks within the sports they play and do, it’s more about having fun and making a mark in their own unique way. Sporting entities

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Jason Acuna Bio

Jason Acuna Bio

If you are a fan of Pro Sports Bios, you’ll know that we try to cover the most prominent and prolific stars within every sport out there. We aim to be a platform that gives fans insight into all the household names out there. However, there are some outliers out there. Some anomalies that are

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