Richard Hammond Bio

Richard Hammond Bio

Richard Hammond is a British journalist and tv presenter. He is best known as one of the three presenters on the popular motoring show, Top Gear. While filming for Top Gear in 2006 Hammond suffered a near-fatal accident that left him in a coma for two weeks. The experience has not diminished his passion for …

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david alaba bio

David Alaba Bio

As a resident of the UK, an Arsenal fan, and a certified Premier League die-hard, I have an unshakable adoration for the English top-flight, and if anyone were to tell me that another league is as competitive, has a higher standard of players, or a better pool of teams, I would happily tell them all …

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Keylor Navas Bio

Keylor Navas Bio

There are some players within the world of football that represent a moment in time for one reason or another. It may be because they lit up a particular tournament, had an incredible season, burst on the scene out of nowhere, or it may be the result of some personal nostalgia. There are a lot …

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roger federer bio

Roger Federer Bio

Roger Federer is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest tennis player of all time. His graceful movement across the court and stylish shot-making, including his signature one-handed backhand, soon made him a fan’s favorite. Every tennis fan wants to watch Federer live at some point. In the years I managed to get …

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Jan Ullrich Bio

Jan Ullrich is a former professional road racing cyclist and considered one of the best of his generation. He won the Tour de France and was an Olympic gold medalist. The German-born Ullrich was viewed as cycling’s “wunderkind” when he burst onto the scene. Yet a doping scandal would tarnish his achievements. Jan Ullrich was …

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joe montana bio

Joe Montana Bio

Joe Montana has earned millions of dollars as a quarterback in the National Football League. His fortune was made as a professional athlete, but he now works as an entrepreneur and businessman in several ventures. Let’s begin our Joe Montana Bio by looking at some quick facts about Joe Montana. Joe Montana Quick Facts Full …

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Lionel Messi Bio

Lionel Messi Bio

Leo Messi is a football icon. He is one of the prominent stars of Barcelona FC, Argentina, and arguably the sport itself.  But what is the story behind this global superstar? Undoubtedly, Leo has given much to talk about his achievements as a footballer and his personal life. In this Lionel Messi Bio, we will …

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Usain Bolt Bio

Usain Bolt Bio

If there is one person who has left their mark on the Olympic Games in recent history, it is surely the former athlete Usain Bolt.  The Jamaican is the fastest sprinter in history, with eight Olympic medals to his name. Bolt has also won over the spectators of the Olympic Games with his natural charm …

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