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Joe loves combining his career and love of writing with his passion for sports. When he isn't catching up on his favorite athletes and teams, he travels the world working as a nomadic freelance writer.

Jimmy Snuka Bio

Who do you think was the most popular wrestler when the World Wrestling Federation first took off in the early 1980s? You’d be forgiven for thinking it was Hulk Hogan, given the publicity that is still given to the ‘Hulkamania’ movement. However, if you were a keen follower of wrestling during this period, you’d know […]

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Bam Margera Bio

It doesn’t feel right to simply introduce Bam Margera as a former professional skateboarder. This wouldn’t even begin to brush on the epicness of his life and career.  Bam did rise to fame off the back of a pro skateboard career – and that in itself is a career that so many people would consider

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Christian Eriksen bio

Christian Eriksen is a Danish footballer and arguably one of the most talented of his generation.  Infamously, his most famous moment on a football pitch came when he suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of a Euro 2020 match for Denmark against Finland. That would discredit his wonderful footballing talent though. He has been

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Jesse Lingard Bio

Jesse Lingard has had a career of ups and downs as he approaches his 30th birthday. He’s managed to surprise many by holding down a regular place in the Manchester United midfield for a few seasons, although his lack of consistency has frustrated fans and coaches alike.  Despite the controversies surrounding him, Lingard has the

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Dennis Bergkamp Bio

An Arsenal football club legend; Dennis Bergkamp is arguably one of the most technically-gifted footballers of the current millennium. His career was one of illustrious highs and notable lows though.  So, let’s relive the highlights of Dennis Bergkamp’s memorable career in this extensive biography.  Dennis Bergkamp Quick Facts Full Name – Dennis Nicolaas Maria Bergkamp 

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Erling Haaland Bio

Erling Haaland Bio

Erling Haaland is regarded as one of the best young talents in world football.  At the age of 22, he has already broken so many records for being the youngest and fastest player to reach certain goal-scoring milestones.  Now, after signing for Premier League champions Manchester City, the world is waiting to see what he

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Brian Hollins Bio

Brian Hollins Bio

Brian Hollins is most famous for being the husband of United States soccer superstar Carli Lloyd. However, he did have an athletic career of his own for some time as a golfer. He even qualified for the U.S Open in 2015. So, in this Brian Hollins bio, we’ll discover more about the life and career

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michael phelps bio

Michael Phelps Bio

With a multitude of world records, Michael Phelps has become the athlete with the most medals in the history of the Olympic Games. He has made history and inspired millions not only because of his performance in the Olympics and the medals he has won but also because of his personality out of the water,

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jim thorpe bio

Jim Thorpe Bio

I’m going to go ahead and say it.  Jim Thorpe is undoubtedly the most outstanding athlete of all time. I’m not sure how anyone can argue against him. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for a Native American to overcome the racism of the early 20th century, plus the host of

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joe montana bio

Joe Montana Bio

Joe Montana has earned millions of dollars as a quarterback in the National Football League. His fortune was made as a professional athlete, but he now works as an entrepreneur and businessman in several ventures. Let’s begin our Joe Montana Bio by looking at some quick facts about Joe Montana. Joe Montana Quick Facts Full

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