With 32 teams to keep track of, there’s always highlights, coverage, stats, and schedules to keep track of. There’s always something new developing in the NFL community, which is why we’re here to help you. Read through for guides and information about your favorite players.


joe montana bio

Joe Montana Bio

Joe Montana has earned millions of dollars as a quarterback in the National Football League. His fortune was made as a professional athlete, but he now works as an entrepreneur and businessman in several ventures. Let’s begin our Joe Montana Bio by looking at some quick facts about Joe Montana. Joe Montana Quick Facts Full

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kevin ware bio

Kevin Ware Bio

Kevin Ware Jr. was an American professional NFL football player (not to be confused with Kevin Ware Jr., a current NBA basketball player) who got into numerous troubles with the law over the years, most recently the disappearance of his previous girlfriend Taylor Pomasky. This Kevin Ware Bio will get you up to date with

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Jay Gruden Bio

Jay Gruden Bio

There have been plenty of NFL coaches that have made their mark in the sport. While many of them have gone on to appear in the playoffs, win Super Bowls or Coach of the Year awards, others have floundered. Many coaches have started as NFL players themselves. And it takes a good coach to know

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Marvin Lewis Bio

Marvin Lewis Bio

If you are a football fan, particularly a Cincinnati Bengals fan, you’ll know exactly who Marvin Lewis is. He accomplished quite a bit in his career, both as an assistant and a head coach. Even though his coaching record is respectable at best, his record in the postseason tells a different story. Despite his lack

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Jim Tressel Bio

Jim Tressel Bio

If you are a fan of Ohio State Buckeyes football, the name of Jim Tressel may be one that comes to mind. Before there was Urban Meyer and Ryan Day, Jim Tressel was the head coach of the venerable Buckeyes football program for 14 years. His coaching career started in his native Ohio, where he

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Colin Kaepernick Bio: A Player With A Message That Transcends Sport

Colin Kaepernick is one of the most famous and revolutionary football players in the history of the NFL. While he got worldwide recognition for kneeling during the national anthem for his beliefs about racism, he was a key player for the San Francisco 49ers. His skills as a quarterback made him earn outstanding individual recognitions

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Kay Adams Bio: A Familiar Face In The World of American Football

Kay Adams is one of the most popular American sportscasters and television personalities. She currently hosts Good Morning Football on NFL Network, and soon People (the TV program!), a daily entertainment magazine based on ‘People Magazine’, which will be televised in the fall of 2022.  Kay Adams Quick Facts: Full Name: Kay Adams Birth Date:

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