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Simone Biles Bio

Simone Biles is the greatest female gymnast the world has seen. It can be difficult comparing athletes across generations. However, Simone Biles’s record stands for itself – 19 World Championship golds, 4 Olympic golds, 7 national all-around titles, and 3 world all-around titles. She also introduced four new moves subsequently named after her. Poise, grace,

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Jimmy Snuka Bio

Who do you think was the most popular wrestler when the World Wrestling Federation first took off in the early 1980s? You’d be forgiven for thinking it was Hulk Hogan, given the publicity that is still given to the ‘Hulkamania’ movement. However, if you were a keen follower of wrestling during this period, you’d know

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Fallon Sherlock Bio

Fallon Sherrock is a trailblazer in the world of darts. She became the first woman to win a match at the PDC World Darts Championship in 2020. Fallon Sherrock didn’t just break the perceived glass ceiling for women darts players, she smashed right through it. Aspiring women players saw that the dream of playing and

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Bam Margera Bio

It doesn’t feel right to simply introduce Bam Margera as a former professional skateboarder. This wouldn’t even begin to brush on the epicness of his life and career.  Bam did rise to fame off the back of a pro skateboard career – and that in itself is a career that so many people would consider

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Michael Van Gerwen Bio

Michael Van Gerwen is a darts-winning machine. It could be argued that only Phil Taylor sits above Van Gerwen on the list of all-time darting greats. Van Gerwen has won over 140 PDC titles, including 3 World Championships, and has rattled off 24 nine-dart legs during his career. Michael Van Gerwen was third in the

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Jason Acuna Bio

Jason Acuna Bio

If you are a fan of Pro Sports Bios, you’ll know that we try to cover the most prominent and prolific stars within every sport out there. We aim to be a platform that gives fans insight into all the household names out there. However, there are some outliers out there. Some anomalies that are

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